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Experience unrivaled Commercial and Industrial roofing solutions with A-1 Seamless Roofing! We specialize in addressing roof leaks in commercial and industrial properties with a cost-effective and high-quality approach. Our expert team uses industry-leading Roof Coatings to restore your flat roofs. With a variety of compositions, roof coatings offer superior protection and increase longevity.

David Borntreger, Owner

David Borntreger, Owner


  • Unwavering commitment to quality and excellence
  • Tailored solutions for every customer’s unique needs
  • Environmentally friendly and energy-saving options
  • Exceptional customer service and support

Contact us today for a professional evaluation of your commercial or industrial roof and let us guide you to the best solution for your needs. If your roof is beyond restoration, we have you covered! We’ll provide a competitive quote for a brand-new roof installation. Choose A-1 Seamless Roofing for all your Commercial and Industrial roofing needs – where our core values align with your satisfaction.