Commercial Roof Maintenance Plans

Investing in the restoration or replacement of your commercial roof is a significant expense. We know that the last thing you want to deal with is frequent repairs and failures. Not only do these issues cause immense frustration but they can also become extremely expensive over time. Preventative measures are key to keeping your roof at its optimal performance. A-1 Seamless Roofing recommends all commercial business owners utilize routine commercial roof maintenance plans.

Regular maintenance helps to extend the lifespan of your roof by preventing damage and addressing issues that crop up early on. A well-maintained roof has been proven to last up to 30% longer than a roof that is neglected. Appropriate maintenance of your commercial property can have a significant impact on the profitability and long-term return on investment of your business. Conversely, deferred maintenance can decrease profitability and return on investment.

Call your local professionals at A-1 Seamless Roofing and ask about our custom-tailored maintenance plan for your commercial building, 641-381-3241.

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Advantages of Commercial Roof Maintenance Plans

There are numerous benefits to enrolling in our regular maintenance program:

Savings. Routinely having maintenance assessments done can help identify potential problems early before they develop into more significant issues. Catching these issues early on will save you money by avoiding extensive and costly repairs.

Peak Performance. Using preventative maintenance measures keeps your roof in tip-top shape, performing at its best year-round.

Insurance Claims. We take the headache out of any insurance claims that may come up. Our detailed documentation of inspections and maintenance diminish the likelihood of claim denials due to contributory negligence. You can be confident that should a claim become necessary, we will have you covered.

Safety. Roofs that are damaged pose safety hazards to employees and customers. Regular maintenance helps identify any safety concerns before they become serious issues and put others at risk.

Clear Downspouts. Debris building up on your roof can be detrimental. Leaves, twigs, and dirt accumulate and clog drains and downspouts which results in damaging leaks and water infiltration that is pricey to repair.

Warranty Compliance. A condition of keeping roofing warranties valid is regular maintenance. Our program will ensure that your roof is inspected and maintained on a schedule that meets the requirements of your roof’s warranty.

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Providing Peace of Mind

Enrolling in a maintenance plan for your commercial roof provides you peace of mind and the knowledge that your roof is being monitored and cared for, by experienced professionals. You can continue to keep your focus on your business knowing that your roof is in our capable hands. At the end of the day, a maintenance plan is a small investment that can lead to significant cost savings and extend the lifespan of your roof.

Contact A-1 Seamless Roofing today by calling 641-381-3241 to learn more about how we can preserve the condition of your commercial roof. Your roof and bottom line will both thank you.